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The much anticipated and recently reviewed Siemens Gigaset C475 will be coming to liGo in the next fortnight.

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When it comes to bluetooth headsets, there seems to be an abundance of choice on the market. Perfect for the posers who like to wear them in the supermarket or worse, in a bar. But there will be no doubt some who need a high quality bluetooth headset, whether its for business use, day to day or just to avoid police fines whilst driving.

So whats so special about the Sennheiser VMX 100 and is it worth spending that bit more. In short, yes but lets take a closer look.

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Step 1: Preparing your existing RTX Wireless Phone Jack system

Make sure the existing Wireless Phone Jack system (base and extension unit) is powered on.

Unplug any cords attached to the Base unit (these will be connected again later)

Plug the extra extension into a power outlet near the Base unit and switch power on. This will activate a red light on the Extension unit. A red light will be activated before changing to either green or yellow (depending on the switch you have selected). This will take up to a minute. Continue reading “liGo quick start guide: RTX Wireless Phone Jack Extension Units Installation” »

Since its launch, the Siemens SL565 cordless phone with bluetooth functionality, has been one of the most popular phones in the UK. For some, however, this is a little more than they wish to spend on a cordless phone


We’re now delighted to announce the arrival of the new Gigaset S685 cordless with bluetooth. This is an upgrade to the S675 with the added benefit of bluetooth connectivity. Its pricing point is such that a twin model can be purchased for around £100. Continue reading “Bluetooth cordless phones – full range now available” »

Most things one buys these days, will be claim to be ECO friendly. But what does this mean when it comes to cordless phones.

Well, simply put, the power consumption and transmission power (when the phone is near the base unit) on the phone are reduced. Naturally this means that less energy is used, which can only be a good thing.

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If your iDECT X1 handset has recently failed, then don’t throw it away (yet). A common problem with these handsets is that the batteries tend to fail after about year (sometimes less unfortunately) and the simple solution is to replace them.

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Confused by all the Panasonic model names? Grab a tea, sit back and let us explain all

If there’s one thing Panasonic and the rest of the cordless phones world are not good at, its how to name their products. The general ethos is, the more complex, the better. The names of the new top models from Panasonic are (hang on to your seats):

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The Plantronics C65 GAP wireless headset is one of our best selling GAP headset. It is also one of the longest running product by Plantronics. Some people may find registering this headset with their base station a bit of a time consuming task. It is in actual fact a quick process and should only take about a minute or two to set up. We hope the step by step guide below could make more sense than the manufacturers’ manual. Continue reading “Registering the Plantronics C65 GAP headset with phone” »

Here is a quick guide on registering the GN Netcom 9120DG wireless headset (liGo exclusive) to GAP compatible cordless phone:

Step 1: Put your phone into registration mode

Locate the page/intercom/find button on your phone’s base unit (this is the bigger unit which is plugged into your phone point). Continue reading “GN Netcom 9120DG Wireless headset registration guide” »

Sennheiser has been at the forefront of technology for over 60 years.  Since the beginning they have manufactured and delivered high-quality, custom made audio solutions, covering every critical aspect from recording, transmission and reproduction.

It all began in1945 when Dr. Fritz Sennheiser teamed up with seven engineers and technicians and laid the foundation for what would become an industry leading company.  Measuring instruments were developed in their university institute located in a small village by the name of Wennebostel, a move that was made during the second war.  Continue reading “Sennheiser – History, Innovation and Technology” »

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