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When it comes to bluetooth headsets, there seems to be an abundance of choice on the market. Perfect for the posers who like to wear them in the supermarket or worse, in a bar. But there will be no doubt some who need a high quality bluetooth headset, whether its for business use, day to day or just to avoid police fines whilst driving.

So whats so special about the Sennheiser VMX 100 and is it worth spending that bit more. In short, yes but lets take a closer look.

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Step 1: Preparing your existing RTX Wireless Phone Jack system

Make sure the existing Wireless Phone Jack system (base and extension unit) is powered on.

Unplug any cords attached to the Base unit (these will be connected again later)

Plug the extra extension into a power outlet near the Base unit and switch power on. This will activate a red light on the Extension unit. A red light will be activated before changing to either green or yellow (depending on the switch you have selected). This will take up to a minute. Continue reading “liGo quick start guide: RTX Wireless Phone Jack Extension Units Installation” »