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After months of anticipation and rumored released dates that turned out be false, we finally got our hands on the Sennheiser MX W1 wireless earphones.  Available all throughout Europe, perhaps you’ve got your hands on a set too.  If not, check out the review to see if the MX W1 was worth the wait.

The Bluetooth Beat Down

Sennheiser proudly boasts the fact that the MX W1 is the very first true wireless earphones.  And while there is always some distinction between brands of earphones in the way of style and appearance, the major difference here is between technologies: Bluetooth and Kleer.  Unlike the average set of headphones, the MX W1 uses a robust 2.4GHz frequency band to transmit audio to each earplug.  This provides crisp, clear reproduction on your MP3 player that blows the limited bandwidth of Bluetooth out of the water. Continue reading “Was the Sennheiser MX W1 Worth the Wait?” »