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Bluetooth headsets have become increasingly popular in recent years as a convenient way to keep in touch on-the-go. And Gigaset’s new ZX530 and ZX830 Bluetooth headsets offer both stylish design and outstanding sound quality, making them the perfect companion to any Smartphone.

Gigaset ZX530 and ZX830 Bluetooth Headsets Continue reading “2 stylish Bluetooth headsets unveiled by Gigaset” »

While the world may seem a rather gloomy place at the moment, technology marches on.  Although we may not have the same cash to spend on all of those delicious little gadgets out there, there are occasions when something so tasty arrives on the scene it is permissable to live on canned ravioli for a week in order to afford it.

I hate to break it to you, but the Jabra JX10 bluetooth headset (with hub) is one of those things for which it’s worth sacrificing your digestive health. 

Using a phone, whether it’s a corded home phone or your mobile, will never again be the same with this baby.  Gone are the days of Jabra bulkiness; instead say hello to a rather sexy little number designed by Danish designer Jacob Jensen, famous for designing the magnificently stylish Bang & Olufsen audio range.  And while this honey of a bluetooth headset has the looks, it offers much more than just a pretty exterior…as we’ll soon discover.

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Talking to yourself is no longer a sure sign of insanity. In fact, on busy city streets all over the globe it is commonplace to see men in suits yapping away to no one in particular. Or teenagers walking side-by-side, talking — but not to each other. No, we are living in a new age — the Bluetooth Age.

Smaller and smaller these devices get with each new release — and with clearer sound and more hands-free features. One brand that long predates the invention of wireless Bluetooth technology, but is synonymous with superior sound performance is Sennheiser. Continue reading “With the BW-900, talking to yourself never looked so good” »

Product: Panasonic – KX-TG 8224 Quad Cordless

Does this phone have a SIM card reader? If not, which similar model does?

Unfortunately none of the Panasonic model has a SIM card reader. I would recommend the Siemens E455, Philips ID937 or BT Diverse 6210/50 & BT Diverse 6410/50 range for cordless phones with SIM card reader.

Product: Plantronics – Voyager 520 Bluetooth Headset

I purchased a Voyager 520. It does not have any information paperwork with it like how to change volume etc. Thank you Continue reading “Product questions – answered” »

Product: Plantronics – H41 Mirage Headset

Is this compatible with a Cisco IP phone, series 7970?

The Plantronics H41 headset is fully compatible with a Cisco 7970 IP phone but you will require a Plantronics U10 bottom cable to connect the headset to the Cisco phone.

Product: iDECT – M1 Twin Designer DECT

Can I buy an extra phone to add to the iDECT M1 twin phone set i own. If yes how much and where from. Thank you. Continue reading “Product questions – answered” »

Siemens, the industry leader of DECT phones in Europe, is strengthening its grip on the market with the Gigaset SL780 and SL785.  These two handsets are top-quality cordless phones that meet the highest standards in terms of technology, design and most importantly, environmental friendliness. Featuring a solid, encompassing metal frame, along with buttons and a charging unit made of metal, the bold design is chic and charismatic.

Award-winning Design

Both phones feature an innovative design that has earned them the Red Dot Honorable Mention award as well as the 2008 IF Communication design award for their ease of use.  The newly designed interface offers icons on a centralized 5-way ergonomic keypad, enabling users to quickly navigate through the menu.  The clear pressure point of metal dome key technology provides these units with an entirely different feel you are sure to admire.  Continue reading “Eco Friendly and Convenience Merge: Siemens SL780 and SL785” »

With a plethora of bluetooth headsets on the market, all claiming to be the best, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know which are actually worth paying for. Maybe you’ve been fined for using your mobile whilst driving, perhaps you want to look the part instead of using some corded headset or you just want a top noch blue tooth headset for your shiny new phone – then look no further than our ultimate top 5 bluetooth headsets.

As ever, we’ve ploughed through the endless number of bluetooth headsets on market, from Jabra to Plantronics, from Sennheiser to Motorola, and witilled them down to our best bluetooth for 2008. Continue reading “Best bluetooth headsets of 2008 – the definitive top 5” »

Headphones have become our musical comrades as they are essentially a part of everyday gear.  Today’s models are ergonomically appealing with compact designs and lifelike sound quality, taking the listening experience to a new level.  Consumers are no longer restricted to the big, ugly clunkers as a variety of styles are available from in-ear plugs to Bluetooth enabled devices that make a perfect compliment to your mobile phone.  With so many options on the market, you can easily customize a set of headphones specifically suited for your lifestyle.

Philips New Lineup is Music to Your Ears

Earlier this year, world-renown electronics manufacturer Philips, introduced the ultimate in headphones with its SHE9850 and SHE9800 in-ear models.  Designed for listeners who can’t afford to miss a single beat, the SHE9850 offers a hi-def transducer driver and precision acoustics turning to provide exceptional sound.  With a unique Angled Acoustics design, these headphones guarantee a snug fit and comfort that makes the in-ear style more appealing. Continue reading “Immerse Yourself in Headphone Heaven – A Look at Philips New Lineup” »

While headsets generally serve the same purpose, no two people are the same.  Thankfully there are a variety of styles available that allow everyone to enjoy their own level of comfort.

Monaural Headsets

Monaural headsets are usually less expensive as they only deliver sound through a single speaker to one ear.  This style is popular in the work setting as it allows you to hear the person on the phone and what’s going on around you.

Binaural Headsets

Opposed to the single-eared deliverance provided by a monaural headset, a binaural headset delivers audio through speakers on both sides of your head.  This results in a clearer reception and better isolation as background noise is filtered out.  Binaural headsets are suited for those who need to focus strictly on the call. Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Headset – Part 1” »

We all knew that it was only a matter of time before cordless phone makers started implementing Bluetooth into their feature set.  The Siemens Gigaset SL565 is incorporated with this technology and more, boasting a stylish look and an easy hands-free function that will make you look cooler than a member of the Star Trek Enterprise.


We can all understand the concept of using Bluetooth for your mobile handset, but you are probably wondering what purpose it will serve in the home.  Then again, the Gigaset SL565 is well suited for the home and office setting, making Bluetooth one of its best features.  Aside from giving you the ability to go hands-free, you can send and receive SMS text messages as well.  Text messages can be sent to four separate boxes, each box with enough memory to store up to 50 messages.  This comes in handy for the family of avid text messengers.  There is also an integrated phonebook which lets you store up to 250 entries, each with three numbers, an email and home address and appointment details. Continue reading “A Home Phone with Mobile Features – Siemens Gigaset SL565 Review” »

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