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Siemens Gigaset DL500A
Functional, clear, modern and elegant: The new Gigaset DL500A business phone is the right choice for anyone looking for an attractive premium analog model for the home office. Technical precision and high-quality materials reflect the up-market status of this phone, whose elegance is accentuated by clear lines and a combination of different materials in high-gloss and matt black. Up to six DECT handsets can be integrated, thus enabling flexible phoning throughout the home. The handsfree feature offers full-duplex quality. Thanks to the Link2mobile function, calls over the mobile network can be conducted from the Gigaset DL500A and connected handsets. Software updates, data synchronization and access to online services are possible via an Ethernet port.

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Siemens Gigaset DX800A
With its Gigaset DX800A, Gigaset Communications presents a new highlight in professional telephony for small firms and offices with up to four employees. The innovative features and modern, clear design in a high-quality color combination of silver and matt and high-gloss black make the Gigaset DX800A the first choice for everyone who attaches importance to a modern, appealing office ambience. The DX800A’s versatility enables calls to be made via VoIP and the fixed network, either over the ISDN or analog line, and represents a future-proof all-in-one solution that can grow as business expands. Up to six DECT handsets can be integrated, four calls held simultaneously (two each via ISDN and VoIP) and three answering machines configured for different numbers. Mobile phones and headsets are integrated with the system via Bluetooth, while the Link2mobile function enables phoning in the mobile network or calls to the mobile phone to be taken by the DX800A or registered DECT handsets. Equipped with two Ethernet ports (switch), the phone can be connected quickly and easily to the PC and Web and thus enables software updates, data synchronization and access to online services. The phone book has space for up to a thousand contacts stored in the form of vCards and can be synchronized with the PC or Mac.

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Siemens Gigaset DX600AGigaset Communications is presenting its Gigaset DX600A ISDN and a new range of possibilities for ISDN telephony. With its elegant design and innovative functions, this new desktop phone is the perfect answer to the growing needs of the self-employed, home workers and private users. The high-quality ISDN phone is distinguished by a large color display for a constant overview, professional contact management, three configurable answering machines and an array of interfaces – from Bluetooth and DECT to an Ethernet port for connection to a PC and an a/b interface for a fax machine. The DX600A ISDN can be used as a separate ISDN system or connected to a router or a telephone system. It is the first Gigaset ISDN telephone to enable the use of online services such as online phone books.

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