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Whether you are looking to buy a new phone or perhaps you need some gift ideas, here is our much coveted top 10 best cordless phones of 2014 to help you make the right choice.

Top 10 Cordless Phones currently on the market

We tested all phones released based on:

  • Sound quality
  • Usability
  • Features
  • Build quality
  • General performance (range, battery life, answering machine etc)
  • All reviews are conducted strictly on phones released in the last 12 months

Siemens features heavily in our list of best home phones and it’s no surprise. Their outstanding build and sound quality combined with intuitive features, sets them apart from the rest. So here we go…
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Looking for a stylish, high-end DECT phone at a less than high-end price?  Well, your search has finally come to an end.  The geniuses at Siemens have once again blessed home phone fanatics with a feature-packed cordless phone fit for display in the swankiest of art galleries.  The Gigaset C590/C595 (with answering machine) offers a winning combination of both form and function that is guaranteed to increase your saliva production to chin-wiping proportions.

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New for the 2009/2010 season – Panasonic reveal the eye-catching KX-TG 6421 cordless home phone with integrated 20 minute answering machine. One of the best looking models in the new compliment of premium quality Panasonic DECT phones, the KXTG 6421 is an answerphone version of its counterpart Panasonic KX-TG 6411 series (without answering machine). The KXTG-6421 features an identically designed handset to the KXTG-6411, but with a beautiful silver finish. The phone’s ergonomically styled silver finished base station incorporates an integrated loudspeaker and answering machine control panel.

In common with the rest of the new Panasonic DECT Range, the KX-TG-6421 features improved specifications and DECT 6.0 performance for clearer digital reception. The phone is a slicker version of the popular Panasonic KX-TG 7321 series and boasts many updated specifications and features. Continue reading “The new Panasonic KXTG 6421 – revealing good looks” »

Nuisance phone calls can be so frustrating and there’s nothing worse than having your home life disrupted by time wasting telemarketing calls and such. But they needn’t be part of modern life any longer for TrueCall is a brand new, ingenious call management system that plugs into your ordinary home phone socket, (even if you have broadband) and requires no special installation. TrueCall helps to preserve the peace of your home by screening all incoming numbers and filtering out any unwanted calls before they even reach your phone. Continue reading “Fed up with nuisance calls? Now it’s your call – with TrueCall” »

DIYers and gardeners of the world, listen up!  No longer will you have to worry about getting your cordless phone covered in water, dust or soil.  At last, Siemens have put their thinking caps on – or should that be “thinking hard hats”? – and created a superb digital cordless phone for those who work and play in less than sanitary environments.  The Siemens Gigaset E490/E495 digital cordless phone is built for hardy, down-and-dirty real world pursuits…but thankfully not at the expense of functionality.

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It’s funny.  Nice-looking cordless phones are like buses: you wait ages for one and then several appear around the same time.  The Motorola D11 may be a newbie but it’s certainly no shrinking violet.  This hot little honey has broken onto the scene, knocking us out with its elegant looks, vibrant display and handy functions.  Feeling curious?  Read on for a tasty expose of this cool phone with the film star charisma.

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Although there is a healthy amount of cordless phones on the market, most of them are (to put it mildly) “aesthetically challenged”.  While mobile phones tend to be crammed full of style, the poor home cordless phone sits in the corner like some overlooked wallflower.  Well, the good folks at Philips have decided to redress the balance by producing some truly attractive cordless phones.  The Philips ID555 cordless phone is the best of their “Design Collection” range, and of course the loveable liGo crowd are amongst the first to bring you this sleek beauty.

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Much like we rely on BT to supply us with a comprehensive network of phone lines, we also expect them to supply us with the very best DECT cordless phones.  And they haven’t let us down yet!  BT always bring out cordless phones that leap to the top of their class, and the latest models to arrive at liGo haven’t failed to live up to our impeccably high standards.  So we’re not going to BT (sorry!) around the bush any longer – here’s the low-down on this hot new bunch of DECT cordless phones from BT.


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The which ? report has recently updated it’s reviews of home cordless phones by including a couple of new best buys.

There are two new best buy home phones in the latest edition (just out). Lets have a quick look at these two cordless phones and see if they merited their best buy status.

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