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Whether you are looking to buy a new phone or perhaps you need some gift ideas, here is our much coveted top 10 best cordless phones of 2014 to help you make the right choice.

Top 10 Cordless Phones currently on the market

We tested all phones released based on:

  • Sound quality
  • Usability
  • Features
  • Build quality
  • General performance (range, battery life, answering machine etc)
  • All reviews are conducted strictly on phones released in the last 12 months

Siemens features heavily in our list of best home phones and it’s no surprise. Their outstanding build and sound quality combined with intuitive features, sets them apart from the rest. So here we go…
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Nuisance phone calls can be so frustrating and there’s nothing worse than having your home life disrupted by time wasting telemarketing calls and such. But they needn’t be part of modern life any longer for TrueCall is a brand new, ingenious call management system that plugs into your ordinary home phone socket, (even if you have broadband) and requires no special installation. TrueCall helps to preserve the peace of your home by screening all incoming numbers and filtering out any unwanted calls before they even reach your phone. Continue reading “Fed up with nuisance calls? Now it’s your call – with TrueCall” »

Much like we rely on BT to supply us with a comprehensive network of phone lines, we also expect them to supply us with the very best DECT cordless phones.  And they haven’t let us down yet!  BT always bring out cordless phones that leap to the top of their class, and the latest models to arrive at liGo haven’t failed to live up to our impeccably high standards.  So we’re not going to BT (sorry!) around the bush any longer – here’s the low-down on this hot new bunch of DECT cordless phones from BT.


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