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Out of all the products that liGo sells, the one that seems to provoke the most confusion is the two-way radio.  Utter that phrase in a sentence and peoples’ eyes tend to glaze over as their minds frantically search for something to bring into the conversation.  Even using their more “friendly” title, walkie-talkie, is unsuccessful in eliciting any further discussion other than perhaps prompting reminiscences about the childhood use of tin cans and a piece of string as a communication device.

To many, the appeal of the two-way radio is limited.  How could they possibly be useful?  And even if you found a use for them, what would you look for in buying them?  Well, wonder no more!  Allow us to immerse you in top two-way radio talk: we’ll show you how they can benefit you and what you need to look out for when making a purchase.

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People are more daring than ever with their outdoor activities.  Some do it to relieve stress while others take risks for the mere thrill.  When trying to have fun, one should always keep safety in mind, especially when it comes to more adventurous activities.  By their nature, the most exciting adventures are not too far removed from mishaps and dangers.

With so many things to get into these days, there has never been more opportunities to pick up your gear and hit the road.  The true adrenaline junky has a wide range of activities to partake in and the latest in communications technology can offer numerous benefits along the way.

Walkie Talkies on the Slopes

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Whether you call them two-way radios, walkie-talkies or mobile radios, these devices really come in handy, offering an effective and more affordable way to communicate.  While they are primarily used by law enforcement agencies, security teams, event organizers and construction site managers, two-way radios are being employed more by personal users as they allow families to keep in touch while significantly reducing costs on the dreaded phone bill.

In order to get the best out of your two-way radios, you must first know what to look for.

Two-way Essentials

Channels: Channels are extremely important, but the number you’ll need all depends on where you intend to use the radios. For instance, in more congested areas you would be better off with a radio that has more channels as it will offer greater flexibility.  Low-end models typically come with two channels while more expensive units offer up to 14 channels and sometimes more. Continue reading “Savvy Guide to Buying Two-way Radios” »

Remember the walkie talkies of old?  You know, the ones that helped pass the time by supporting communications to your mate across the room?  The Doro WT87 walkie talkies give off a similar feel with greatly enhanced functionality.  Small and cool as ever, these two way radios are feature-rich and even more fun.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

The most impressive feature of the Doro WT87 is the range.  With 10km, you can cover a lot of ground and carry on some good conversations with your cousin who lives down the road.  The range on these powerful walkie talkies is invaluable when considering how you can enjoy crystal clear communications for free. Continue reading “Skiing just got a whole lot more fun – Doro WT87 with 10km range!” »

PRM (Personal Mobile Radio) is a licence-free service that enables voice-only two-way  communications without having to purchase a radio license.  Calls can be placed without any incurring costs, making PMR 446 two-way radios a great alternative to mobile phones and the steep monthly bills that come along with them.  Offering tremendous price value, its no surprise that millions of units have been sold in the United Kingdom alone.

Cost Benefits

The price you pay for PMR 446 two-way radios is on a fixed basis with no rental charges for an ongoing line.  This simply means that you pay for the units, make sure the batteries are charged and you are ready to go!  You do not have to worry about any expensive bases stations or antennas as is the case with licensed radios. Continue reading “Two-way Radios – Keeping Money in Your Pocket” »

The concept of two-way radios goes back more than 100 years and the technology still remains prevalent to the current day.  Often referred to as walkie talkies, two-way radios are used to provide efficient communications in a wide range of industries including courier services, security and policing, aviation and even school systems.  In this article we will overview the history of two-way radios and their ongoing contributions to mankind.

A Groundbreaking Discovery

When making reference to the history of the two-way radio, many cite the National Electric Signaling Company and their milestone of achieving the first transatlantic telegraphic communication back in 1907.  However, others prefer to go back further and speak on the true technological discovery.  In 1888, German physicist Heinrich Hertz proved it was indeed possible to send and receive electrical waves without using wires, though he didn’t truly understand its magnitude at the time.  In honor of this revelation, the unit frequency, Hertz, was named after Heinrich Hertz. Continue reading “The History of the Two-way Radio – Their Evolving Benefits” »