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Are you living in a home with people that don’t share your concern for the environment (or your energy bills)? Do you find yourself walking round switching off all the lights in empty rooms (left on by others of course)? There are a number of innovative new ways to turn your abode into a Smart Home that automatically switches does this kind of thing for you (with app controlled heating & lighting) but not all of us have the funds to adopt these state of the art devices. However, the affordable and easy to use energyEgg (developed by Brian O’Reilly – driven to invention to deal with the energy wasted by his family members) could be a good place to TreeGreen energyEGGstart.

What is the energyEGG?

The energyEgg is an intuitive device that consists of a mains power adaptor that connects wirelessly to and is controlled by the stylish egg shaped sensor. Utilising patented SitStill technology, which has the ability to detect the difference between an empty room and one in which people are simply still, the energyEGG makes keeping your home more energy efficient so much easier. Continue reading “Save money on your electricity bill with a TreeGreen energyEGG” »

There are several reasons for buying a consumer (or license-free) Two-Way radio or radios; for some they make an ideal gift for children to play with, or the perfect companion for an outdoor activity to keep in touch with others in your group, and for others Walkie-Talkies can be a necessary component for effectively running a business.

Top 5 Two-Way Radios

Take a look at our Top 5 recommendations, and find a model to suit you: Continue reading “Top 5 Two-Way Radios” »

A lot of our customers are looking for cheap deals when shopping for Cordless Phones. With the increasing popularity of Smartphones as the number one choice for communication; when a landline phone needs replacing many people are less willing to spend their hard-earned cash on something that they are not going to use very often. And who can blame them? Here we offer our top 5 tips when bargain hunting for the best budget phone:

Budget Cordless Phones

1. Read plenty of Customer reviews

One of the best ways to gain insight on the quality of a product is Continue reading “5 top tips for buying the best budget cordless phone” »

Whether strolling along the beach, hiking in the Brecon Beacons, or skiing on the slopes of the Alps; walkie talkies are a great way to keep in touch and Motorola’s 2-Way Radios have long been servicing the needs of keen adventurers, and industry workers alike. We take a look at their latest range of license-free walkie talkies:Motorola TLKR 2-Way Radios

The Motorola TLKR T40

The TLKR T40 are Motorola’s entry level Two-Way radios so are low on spec, but high in value for money at only £28.99. Offering a range of up to 4km, these walkie talkies are easy to use, and ideal for more sporadic use, one-off trips, or for children.

Plantronics Wireless HeadsetAt liGo we have tried numerous headsets over the years, but the models that have been rated as the best for reliability, comfort, and sound have consistently been those manufactured by Plantronics. The headset recommendations we make to our customers is based on our own experiences of use, and as such are confident in our endorsement of Plantronics whose headsets are used globally to service the needs of pilots, call centre staff, mobile professionals, and even astronauts! In point of fact it was via a Plantronics headset that in 1969 a half a billion of the world’s population listened to Neil Armstrong’s first words on the moon!

We take a look at their top 3 wireless headsets at the moment: Continue reading “Top 3 professional wireless headsets from Plantronics” »

No signalAt liGo, we are often contacted by people looking to buy a cordless phone with ‘the best range’ to replace a model they are unhappy with. Whilst there is a degree of truth in the maxim that you get what you pay for (with more expensive phones typically making better use of their output power for a stronger signal); most DECT phones will provide roughly the same range (roughly 50 meters indoors, 300 meters outdoors) so opting for the most expensive model is not necessarily the answer. If you’re happy with your phone in all other respects (sound quality, usability, etc) but are struggling to get reception in certain areas, whether due to: thick impermeable walls; modern insulation blocking the radio signals; or simply need coverage over a larger area….there is likely to be a solution for you that doesn’t involve buying a brand new set of phones.

Here are our 4 tried and tested tips on the most effective ways to boost, extend, repeat, lengthen, expand, and exponentially broaden the range of your landline phones to help you get the coverage you need. Continue reading “4 ways to improve cordless phone signal for increased range and a boost in sound quality” »

liGo gets dressed up this Halloween for charity

The date was the 31st October and it was a cold dark night that was eery enough to raise the dead… actually it was a bright Thursday morning and the liGo office was set a trembling by Halloween hijnx.


Whilst the name ‘Halloween’ stems from the Christian feast day (All Hallows Day), many of the customs are thought to hearken back to the Pagan festival ‘Samhain’, which marked the end of the harvesting season and start of the darker winter months. It was once thought that at this time of year the worlds of the dead and the living overlapped, making it easier for spirits, fairies, and the dead to cross over. The day was characterised by special bonfires and rituals, and people would dress in imitation of evil spirits to try and appease or frighten away the malevolent otherworldly souls….

Our party was characterised by not so spooky but still spectacular costumes from a Smurfette and Snow White, to a far-out Hippy and an extra from Mad Men; as part of our new initiative to raise money and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support. Continue reading “We support Macmillan Cancer Support” »

The advances in modern communication over the past few years has been rapid. So rapid that older generations are in danger of  being left behind, as evidenced by the fact that in 2012 only 15% of those aged 65 or over in the UK accessed the internet ‘on the go’ as opposed to over three-quarters of adults under the age of 45. And whilst it could be argued that this discrepancy is down to a reluctance of older generations to embrace the Doro Liberto 810latest technologies, when you consider that many products exclude the elderly by their very design (eg. the average response time for the icons on an iPhone screen is 0.7 seconds, yet the average response time of someone aged 65 or over is one second) perhaps there is another reason.

Luckily, Doro, the leading manufacturer of easy to use mobile phones, aims to redress the balance with their second smartphone to date – the Doro Liberto 810. Specifically designed at making the Smartphone more accessible, the UK managing director for Doro claims the company are “liberating those who perceive smartphones to be overly complicated and crowded with difficult-to-use apps. Our new mobile will bring them into a world of technology in a positive and engaged way.”

We take a look at what this Smart easy-to-use mobile is offering:

Continue reading “Doro release an easy to use Android Touchscreen Smartphone” »

BT Dual-Band Wi-Fi Kit 600The Office of National Statistics recorded in 2012 that 33 million adults accessed the Internet every day (more than double the figure from 2006 when comparable records began). And with mobile phone internet usage doubling between 2010 and 2012, and the proliferation in recent years of eReaders, tablets, digital cameras, games consoles, Smart TV’s…. all requiring online access, there is a definite need for faster and more reliable broadband in the home that allows for multiple devices to be connected at once.

Well, we are pleased to announce that BT have introduced a range of plug-and-play products that have been designed to work with any service provider to help solve the demands of our modern online lifestyles.

Continue reading “Extend your broadband coverage and boost your Wi-Fi signal with the new BT Connectivity range” »

Stop cold callsAnyone with a landline phone will at some point have had the misfortune of being disturbed by an unwanted cold call. And whilst some of us are adept at inventing amusing ways of responding to cold callers (or even making money from them), for other more vulnerable individuals it can become a source of anxiety and distress when persistently pestered by them.

Unwanted nuisance calls take many different forms, but more often than not come from international or withheld numbers. Below is a list of the most common types:

Types of cold calls
  • Live marketing calls – is when someone calls to try and sell you something.
  • Recorded message calls – is….you’ve guessed it… when you answer the phone to a recorded message.
  • Silent/ Abandoned calls – occur when equipment is used that generates calls and no staff are available when the call is connected.
  • Scam phone calls – each year millions of consumers fall victim to scams.
  • Threatening/abusive calls – whether from people you know or from strangers are a criminal offence should be reported to the police

How to stop unwanted sales calls

Registering with the ‘Telephone Preference Service’ is a free and easy way to Continue reading “How to block unwanted and nuisance sales calls” »

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