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Siemens Gigaset DX800A
With its Gigaset DX800A, Gigaset Communications presents a new highlight in professional telephony for small firms and offices with up to four employees. The innovative features and modern, clear design in a high-quality color combination of silver and matt and high-gloss black make the Gigaset DX800A the first choice for everyone who attaches importance to a modern, appealing office ambience. The DX800A’s versatility enables calls to be made via VoIP and the fixed network, either over the ISDN or analog line, and represents a future-proof all-in-one solution that can grow as business expands. Up to six DECT handsets can be integrated, four calls held simultaneously (two each via ISDN and VoIP) and three answering machines configured for different numbers. Mobile phones and headsets are integrated with the system via Bluetooth, while the Link2mobile function enables phoning in the mobile network or calls to the mobile phone to be taken by the DX800A or registered DECT handsets. Equipped with two Ethernet ports (switch), the phone can be connected quickly and easily to the PC and Web and thus enables software updates, data synchronization and access to online services. The phone book has space for up to a thousand contacts stored in the form of vCards and can be synchronized with the PC or Mac.

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Siemens Gigaset DX600AGigaset Communications is presenting its Gigaset DX600A ISDN and a new range of possibilities for ISDN telephony. With its elegant design and innovative functions, this new desktop phone is the perfect answer to the growing needs of the self-employed, home workers and private users. The high-quality ISDN phone is distinguished by a large color display for a constant overview, professional contact management, three configurable answering machines and an array of interfaces – from Bluetooth and DECT to an Ethernet port for connection to a PC and an a/b interface for a fax machine. The DX600A ISDN can be used as a separate ISDN system or connected to a router or a telephone system. It is the first Gigaset ISDN telephone to enable the use of online services such as online phone books.

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Looking for a stylish, high-end DECT phone at a less than high-end price?  Well, your search has finally come to an end.  The geniuses at Siemens have once again blessed home phone fanatics with a feature-packed cordless phone fit for display in the swankiest of art galleries.  The Gigaset C590/C595 (with answering machine) offers a winning combination of both form and function that is guaranteed to increase your saliva production to chin-wiping proportions.

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New for the 2009/2010 season – Panasonic reveal the eye-catching KX-TG 6421 cordless home phone with integrated 20 minute answering machine. One of the best looking models in the new compliment of premium quality Panasonic DECT phones, the KXTG 6421 is an answerphone version of its counterpart Panasonic KX-TG 6411 series (without answering machine). The KXTG-6421 features an identically designed handset to the KXTG-6411, but with a beautiful silver finish. The phone’s ergonomically styled silver finished base station incorporates an integrated loudspeaker and answering machine control panel.

In common with the rest of the new Panasonic DECT Range, the KX-TG-6421 features improved specifications and DECT 6.0 performance for clearer digital reception. The phone is a slicker version of the popular Panasonic KX-TG 7321 series and boasts many updated specifications and features. Continue reading “The new Panasonic KXTG 6421 – revealing good looks” »

Put quite simply, the new Panasonic KX-TG 8421 cordless home phone is quite something. Then again, to become a credible successor to the best selling and highly commended Panasonic KX-TG 8321 series – it would have to be!

Impressively well-crafted

Now incorporating DECT 6.0 performance for crystal clear reception, the impressively well-crafted KX-TG 8421 leads the new generation of premium quality Panasonic cordless DECT phones from the front with its sophisticated, modern looks and top-of-the-line specifications. The KXTG 8421 evokes the essential character of the ‘which?’ Best-Buy recommended KXTG 8321 and invites obvious comparisons.

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Nuisance phone calls can be so frustrating and there’s nothing worse than having your home life disrupted by time wasting telemarketing calls and such. But they needn’t be part of modern life any longer for TrueCall is a brand new, ingenious call management system that plugs into your ordinary home phone socket, (even if you have broadband) and requires no special installation. TrueCall helps to preserve the peace of your home by screening all incoming numbers and filtering out any unwanted calls before they even reach your phone. Continue reading “Fed up with nuisance calls? Now it’s your call – with TrueCall” »

Coming to the UK market soon – Panasonic have recently released the innovative, dual purpose Panasonic KX-TG 6461 in their new 2009 premium quality DECT Range of cordless home phones. In common with the rest of the new range, this hybrid model features DECT 6.0 performance for crystal-clear digital reception.

The Panasonic KXTG 6461 delivers the solid reliability of a traditional corded phone, plus the flexible convenience of a high-quality cordless DECT handset – in one great package. The KX-TG 6461 incorporates a conventionally styled corded phone that also supports a fully functional cordless handset, allowing you to roam from the base anywhere up to a range of 50m (indoors) and 300m (outdoors). Continue reading “Introducing the ultra-convenient Panasonic KX-TG 6461 dual purpose phone with corded & cordless handset combination” »

Mobility can often be the key to success for most modern professionals. The ability to ‘get up and go’ at a moment’s notice can often clinch a deal or gain a significant business advantage.

The fluent nature of modern commerce increasingly relies on mobile technology to bring together the various ways that we communicate in one place – and UC (unified communications) systems are continually being developed to allow modern communications devices to interact with one another.

The groundbreaking, Savi Go intelligent wireless headset is the latest in a line of revolutionary UC products from Plantronics. As the name suggests, the Savi-Go headset is intuitive to use and has been designed for mobile business professionals to stay on the move. SaviGo allows seamless switching between softphone calls on laptops/PCs and calls on mobile phones. Continue reading “Stay on the go with the new Plantronics Savi Go wireless headset.” »

Whereas the humble headset was once regarded as a tool for posers and call centre workers, that tacky image has now been well and truly shattered by the recognition that it is indeed a hugely effective and efficient part of the business world.  Not only do they provide users with a more comfortable experience, headsets play a huge role in increasing levels of productivity and in providing easier, clearer communication to customers and clients. 

Here at liGo we’ve seen an incredible surge in headset sales which reflects their vital role in any forward-thinking business.  If you’re still unsure as to how headsets can really benefit your business, maybe it’s a time to take a look at what makes these handy gadgets so indispensible.

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