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Main Features

The reliable phone tailored to meet families’ daily needs plus an integrated answering machine

Busy lives demand a reliable, well-equipped telephone with an answering machine . The ideal solution for active families: the Gigaset C595 Twin. It features a best-in-class, large TFT colour display , an easy-to-use modern user interface, brilliant sound quality with HSP, plus an integrated answering machine with up to 45 minutes of recording time. For even more convenience and simplicity in daily telephony, it features a baby alarm , programmable VIP ring tones and a talk time of up to 12 hours. And if you pay attention to the environmental and financial impact of your energy use, you’ll be pleased with the Gigaset C595 Twin radiation-free and energy-saving ECO DECT technology. The Gigaset C595 Twin offers the perfect fusion of quality technology, refined design and easy-to-use features – the ideal phone for any family’s living room.

The Gigaset C595 Twin make a new fashion statement with their harmonious form and glossy exterior in black and white piano lacquer. The color spectrum of the icon-aided menu on the 1.8” TFT display (65,000 colors) has been tuned to the color of the device. When users dial, the numbers are shown in a particularly large size; if desired, a larger font size can also be set. The combination of high-quality design and excellent ease of use convinced the reddot jury to bestow the “reddot design award 2009” on these devices.

The Siemens Gigaset c595 Twin phone enable new possibilities in caller and contact management. They can store up to 150 entries (including three phone numbers and e-mail address), which can be organized in six different VIP groups and assigned different ringtones and colors for individual callers. The last 30 incoming calls are always registered in the call list, along with the time of the call (CLIP/CNIP). The selective call blocking feature means that users are not disturbed by anonymous calls; those from suppressed or unknown numbers are no longer signaled acoustically, but are merely shown on the handset’s display.

Stay in charge

Live easier and organise efficiently by using extra features designed with your family in mind. The integrated baby alarm , for example, lets you monitor your child when you’re busy with other things at home. Simply enter in an external number under which you can be contacted, or internal one if you have multiple handsets, and leave the handset with your child. You can also preset the noise level that must be reached for the phone to automatically dial the programmed number, after which you can hear what’s happening and speak to your child.

Additionally, you’ll remember significant dates easily with the Gigaset C595 Twin birthday reminder feature. Just enter in the birthdays of family and friend; when the special day arrives, the telephone automatically plays a melody as a reminder. Also benefit by activating the anonymous call silencing feature on your handset, which turns the ringer off for all unidentified numbers, though the call still appears on the display and in the call-log.

Navigate effortlessly

Ease, convenience and regard for aesthetics – this is menu navigation with the Gigaset C595 Twin . Find the features you need with ease on the large, high-quality TFT colour display , which is also equipped with a modern user interface. And the jumbo font size ensures you’ll easily find the correct numbers in your personalized phone book or comfortably text message to friends and family using the SMS² feature.

Personal preferences

The Gigaset C595 Twin adapts to you and your needs. If you have a larger home or demand more flexibility, it’s easy to expand your Gigaset C595 Twin to up to 6 handsets. And you can optionally programme your ring tones and set up to six VIP groups, letting you recognize some callers just by the ring.

Brilliant sound quality

Clearly comfortable conversations with the Gigaset C595 Twin. This attractive and reliable phone contains HSP for all your calls in brilliant sound quality. This Gigaset technology delivers clear, crisp voices free from annoying hissing or distortion with every call.

Pure convenience

The Gigaset C595 Twin is also family-friendly, offering practical functions such as a baby phone (room monitoring), an integrated alarm clock and a birthday calendar. They enable receipt and sending of SMS text messages up to 612 characters in length.

Always gets the message. 

The integrated answering machine of the Gigaset C595 Twin model reliably takes calls when users are not available. It can record up to 45 minutes of messages and has a remote retrieval function. It is operated at home either from the handset or directly at the base station. As with a conventional answering machine, the base station has buttons to fast forward or rewind. One special feature is that a brief touch of a button enables users to skip back in increments of 5, 10 or 15 seconds. An LED field shows the number of messages recorded. If desired, received messages can also be signaled by an SMS text message.

ECO DECT for a greener lifestyle ecodect_76

 Cutting-edge ECO DECT technology means that the phones are especially energy-efficient and characterized by very low radiation levels. In idle mode and when all registered handsets support ECO Mode Plus, the wireless connection is completely switched off (ECO Plus), while ECO mode reduces the transmitting power during calls by 80 percent. Another outstanding feature of the new phones is the brilliant voice quality of the handset and in hands-free operation.

The top of the range repeater

The RTX repeater is a signal booster that allow you to pair up to GAP compatible phones. This repeater will be able to extend the range of your signal. It's simple to use as there's no wiring required, just plug it into the mains and register to your C595 base station.

Key Features:

  • Display and Keypad

    • Illuminated graphical color display (128x160 pixel
    • 6 lines
    • 65k color)
    • Display illumination: 2 colour schemes
    • Enhanced user interface with simple mode and expert mode
    • New ergonomic keypad in high quality material (polydome technology)
    • Precise keypad with hardcaps
    • 12 numeric keys plus 9 function
    • 5 way Navikey
    • Illuminated keypad including navigation area
    • Keypad illumination: amber
    • Illuminated handsfree talking key (red) and dedicated
    • Iluminated message key (red)
    • Keypad protection on/off via # key (long press)
    • Ringer tones on/off via * key
    • Flash key (R) with long press for pause (P)


    • HDSP
    • Handsfree talking with brilliant sound quality – activated by handsfree key
    • Adjustable volume of handset sound (3 levels - earpiece volume|5 levels in handsfree mode)
    • Ringer melodies with 5-tone adjustable volume setting
    • 20 selectable ringtones (4 real sounds)
    • Selectable ringer melodies
    • 4 real sounds (for handset only)
    • 9 polyphonic (for handset only)
    • 7 standard melodies
    • 5 loudness levels + off + crescendo
    • Separate Speaker
    • Headset connection (mono) via 2
    • 5mm jack connector


    • Antenna: Integrated on base
    • Integrated on handset
    • GAP Compatible
    • Dialing: DTMF
    • Pulse
    • Flash (programmable)

    Handset Features & Call Management

    • Adressbook for up to 150 names and numbers
    • 6 VIP-group
    • Special color and ringtone for each VIP-group
    • Jumbo Mode: Bigger dialing font
    • Dial preparation with correction possibility
    • Re-dialing of the 20 last different numbers
    • start via send button
    • User-programmable speed-dial
    • Automatic prefix dialing or provider selection
    • Caller indication
    • Display and send key lighted
    • Ringer animation in display
    • Individual ringer melody for internal calls
    • List showing up to 30 missed calls
    • Missed call notification via SMS to external number
    Features with more than one handset
    • Free internal calls between handsets
    • 3 calls simultaneously (1 external
    • 2 internal)
    • Phonebook transfer between handsets
    • Ringing assigned to all or selected handsets for internal calls
    • Internal transfer of external calls to another handset
    • 3 party conference (1 external / 2 internal participants)
    • Collective ringing on incoming external calls

    Messaging functions (SMS)

    • Easy SMS setup including registration
    • Sending/receiving of SMS with up to 612 characters
    • Storage of 30 SMS with 90 digits
    • Up to 4 personalized SMS-Inboxes
    • Comfortable access to SMS-Services
    • Transmission of e-mails via SMS
    • Copy of telephone numbers from SMS to directory
    • V-Card support

    Answering machine features

    • Plug & Play answering machine
    • Message counter on base
    • Integrated answering machine with up to 45 minutes recording time
    • Simple usage via handset and base
    • User defined and predefined announcement
    • Time-controlled change between announcement and advisory message
    • Announcement of date and time for each message by voice
    • Recording time adjustable: unlimited
    • 1/ 2/ 3 minutes
    • Call acceptance adjustable: immediately
    • automatic
    • after 10
    • 20
    • 30 Sec.
    • Display of new messages at the handset
    • New message notification via SMS to external number containing CLIP
    • date
    • time
    • Remote listening of messages
    • Unlimited protection against power failure

    General additional features

    • Plug & Play (unpack
    • connect the phone and conduct a call)
    • Birthday reminder
    • Modern handset design with convenient size and proportions
    • Valuable surface and colors
    • Up to date design language
    • Comfortable dial and text editors
    • Alarm clock with snooze function
    • Baby-Alarm / room monitoring
    • Date and time functions are protected against power failure
    • Next generation User interface with 1
    • 8” TFT
    • Editable internal handset name
    • Support of Netprovider features via menu
    • Base unit and charger wall mountable
    • AM with 2x 7-segment display
    • Internal antennas

    Handset dimensions & other facts

    • Up to 60% less energy consumption
    • Automatic reduction of the emitted power
    • Base dimensions : 136 x 117 x 45mm
    • Handset dimensions : 149 x 49 x 28mm
    • Standby time: up to 185 hours
    • Talk time: up to 12 hours
    • Battery: 2 x AAA (NiHM)
    • Charging time: < 8h
    • Indoor range: up to 50 meters
    • Outdoor range: up to 300 meters
    • Connection of up to 6 handsets
    • Includes the powerful RTX booster

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