DECT Digital Cordless Phones
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Main Features


"This cordless phone is one of the best we’ve ever tested and is a clear Best Buy. It’s packed with features, has a fantastic answering machine and is easy to use."

 The Siemens Gigaset SL-565 Cordless Phone unites outstanding design with cutting-edge technology. Thanks to innovative Bluetooth® capability, you can now quickly and easily synchronise data with your PC or download ringer melodies. Speak with your hands free and still enjoy the best sound quality. Or use the comfortable Bluetooth® headset connection to talk and walk without bothersome cables. And if you don't like being disturbed at home, just switch on the vibracall function and stay connected in peace and quiet.

The Siemens Gigaset SL 565 brings features that were once reserved to mobile phones right into your home. Discover the comfort of voice dialing and text messaging (SMS) or let the Gigaset SL565 help you manage your day with its organizer and alarm functions and the PC interface is of great help for quick and easy data synchronization with your PC.

The top of the range repeater

The RTX repeater is a signal booster that allow you to pair up to GAP compatible phones. This repeater will be able to extend the range of your signal. It's simple to use as there's no wiring required, just plug it into the mains and register to your SL565 base station.


Key Features:

    • Includes the powerful RTX booster
    • 35 minute digital answering machine
    • Display graphic: 128x160 pixels
    • 65k color display
    • Illuminated display
    • Screensaver
    • Operations controlled via icon-based menu
    • Navigation key 5-way
    • Illuminated keypad
    • LED signallingnew calls and messages
    • Field strength displayed
    • Charging status displayed
    • Date and time displayed
    • Call charge / duration per call displayed
    • Handsfree talking
    • Caller announcement by voice
    • Ringer melodies 20 polyphonic
    • (16 chords); 10 std
    • download of melodies via PC
    • Alarm call and date reminder 30 appointments can be stored
    • Vibracall
    • Paging
    • Wall mountable
    • Voice dialing
    • Redialing function last 10 different dialing numbers
    • Phone directory 255 numbers and names; VIP entries with specific melody
    • Pre-dialing with correction facility
    • Automatic redialing
    • Pre-selection of Netprovider
    • Call list with timestamp and dialling facility
    • SMS Transmission with up to 640 characters
    • Personalized SMS Inbox up to 4
    • Transmission of e-mails via SMS
    • with separate directory
    • Easy Text-Input-Method
    • Download simple and polyphonic melodies via PC
    • DTMF dialing
    • CLIP
    • Walkie-Talkie mode with 2nd handset
    • simultaneous calls (conferencing)
    • Transfer of external calls to another handset
    • Phonebook transfer between handsets
    • Handset extension up to 6 handsets
    • Standby time > 200h
    • Talk time > 10h
    • Battery system Li-Ion Accu
    • Range indoor up to 50m
    • Range outdoor up to 300m
    • Dimensions Handset 130 x 47 x 22
    • Dimensions Basestation 132 x 105 x 38
    • Extends the range of your diverse telephone
    • Roaming
    • GAP compatible
    • Easy installation
    • Mains powered
    • Wall mountable

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