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Deliberating on Digital: Skype’s White Phone IV

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Jenny @ November 9, 2007 | 7:32 am

Not Such a Hit with Carriers

Still, even with all the hubbub, the Skype phone is still going to remain a mobile cordless phone that’s advocates back-to-basics concept. The iPhone offers streamlined Web browsing quality as well as the appealing simplicity of an iPOD player in a mobile cordless phone set-up. The iPhone, on the other hand, aims to bring Google’s talents that much closer to users, making it that much easier to find data or show related ads, via a mobile cordless phone handset. All these certainly sound impressive. Thus, when put alongside these models, the Skype phone—which is still just about making phone calls—is more than a bit anticlimactic, to say the least.

However, no matter the kinds of services as well as cordless phones involved, Apple and Skype as well as cordless handset manufacturers such as Nokia (NOK) have discovered how difficult it is to actually generate consumer interest when it comes to these e-products, unless there’s help from mobile phone carriers. Cooperation, of course, is rare and often absent. Instances of resorting to Internet telephony is still being met by resistance in the industry, after all.

Mobile cordless phone carriers the likes of AT&T (ATT) particularly forbid VoIP telephony when it comes to their cordless phones, as is stated in their terms of service. And then, there’s also the patent infringement suits that Verizon along with Sprint Nextel trounced Vonage with, ones that pushed for the bankruptcy of the Internet phone company in an attempt to protect the intellectual property of both companies.

Looking at everything, it’s certainly clear that while developments in the wireless industry prove exciting, things are far from settled. We’re still in a phase of evolution, not revolution—as some eager-beavers in the industry would like to believe.

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