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Impressive Digital Kin from Panasonic

Filed under: Cordless Phones
Jenny @ April 10, 2007 | 12:43 pm

The release of the Globarange cordless phones within the year already has a number of e-consumers licking their chops in anticipation of their features. These cordless phones are two-line phones that enable VOIP calls along with the more traditional landline ones so those who want fancy features to come packed with the basic amenities, these phones will provide you with the communication device that you can feel comfortable with as well as afford you the level of functionality that you require in your professional and personal life.

A feature entirely unique to these Globarange phones from Panasonic is the serial number–in ten digits—that Deltathree assigns to individual joip users, in as much as to monitor users as to have a handle on the entire operation.

One of these Panasonic cordless phones, the BB-GG1540, for instance, exhibit the following user options: a call waiting function that informs you of any calls that you have pending while you are on the phone with another contact along with a handset and base station well equipped with a speakerphone so you can resort to hands-free solutions in your call transactions. Another great boon that one can get from this unit is the option for a wider, more expansive communication platform meaning that users who need a phone system that utilizes more handsets than what it already has.

This then translates to more communication channels that can be used during instances of emergencies. An in-built phone directory also comes with the unit, a feature that will come very handy whenever you wish to get in touch with a particular contact or personal acquaintance. If you are one of those e-professionals who always used to scribble essential contact numbers on little scraps of paper. This is hardly the way a true professional will do the job and if you are not an organized soul, the least you could do to enhance as well as improve your work is to practice a little organization. One easy way to pull that feat off without having to drastically alter your life is to acquire a cordless phone that will give you that nifty bit of service.

This is simply a small bit from the Globarange phones. Better models are still yet to come. So if you find your interest peaked, better take a good, long gander at these new models from Panasonic.

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