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Panasonic Introduces Phones in India II

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Jenny @ August 9, 2007 | 3:50 am

This sharp sound quality also extends to the three-way conference calling feature that all the cordless phones are capable of. For users who constantly need to keep in touch with others, these telephone systems are exceedingly ideal since they allow users to communicate with great ease. And unlike other cordless units that can’t quite deliver on their promises, these digital telephones from Panasonic are more than up for the task. With incredible sound clarity, these cordless phones guarantee that three-way conferences go off devoid of any interference or sonic woes.

So for professionals familiar with constant multitasking bouts, these cordless telephones offer quite the ideal solution to those communication troubles. Built along seamless designs, these cordless phones sport that one enduring quality classic Panasonic telephone models all share: simplicity. These looks ensure that no matter where these cordless telephone units are utilized, whether in office settings or inside the home, these communication devices will have no trouble fitting in. Whether as home phones or office telephones, users can count on these Panasonic phones to fill in either role.

And for those who absolutely abhor the notion of missed calls, better call on the talents of the KX-TG3531BX and the KX-TG3532 from among this bevy of Panasonic phones. Both units pack along built-in answering machines to take care of the matter. The answering machines are capable of providing users with 15 minutes of recording time. Ample enough so users can take short breaks, get up for a quick stroll outside, get some air or simply to indulge in a quick midday snack—all without fearing that they may have missed a call in the few seconds they stepped away from their workplaces.

Secondary features of these cordless phones from Panasonic include the 50-station caller ID memory that’s exceptionally handy to have around. When users have the numbers they need already entered into the ID memory system, all they have to do is to find the numbers matching the contact they need. There’s no more need to punch in the numbers again or worry if they weren’t able to get the numbers in the first place. And as with mobile handsets, these phones even allow sharing as well as copying of the phonebook. Thus, updating the details of one’s telephone contacts is quite an easy feat. Speed dialing is also possible with these cordless phones. The digital telephones operate by Ni-MH battery. This allows the phones to offer users with 5 hours of talk time while standby time is 11 days. In addition, recharging time of the telephones takes about 7 hours.

Anil Rijhwani, who is the Country Head, Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., says “User preferences are changing and there’s an obvious shift towards phones that are an ideal fusion between ease and design. Customers are interested in products that look good and are packed with features to the hilt. Panasonic, the number one brand in cordless phones, understands these emerging requirements well enough and delivers futuristic models that exceed user expectations.”

The cordless phones are available through authorized dealers. So for cordless phones that combine looks, features and laudable performance in a nifty package, consumers ought to explore these models. Styled and designed this side of exceptional, any of these devices are certain to hit the mark for any and all those demanding communication needs.

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