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Panasonic KX TG8090E: Impressive Newbie

Filed under: Cordless Phones
Jenny @ March 27, 2007 | 9:16 am

Cordless liberation reaches levels of impressive functionality in the KX TG8090E. The unit is one of the recent additions of Panasonic into its line of cordless phones. The in-built answering machine in the cordless device, for instance, can store messages that run to a maximum of 15 minutes. SMS support is also available so users can send and receive SMS messages via their handsets. For those who have an aesthetic choice to make, the compact base the unit comes along with employs a distinctly modernist design that doesn’t only save users up on space, but provides them with a chic alternative as well. The 1.3 colour LCD exhibits brilliant display clarity for easy unit management and the phone listing, which can handle a total of 200 names and numbers, affords contact accessibility at all times.

Among the additional functions of this Panasonic cordless phone, the HS speakerphone is one prominent feature for its hands-free solution since it thus improves on the unit’s flexibility factor. The headset jack, meanwhile, adds the possibility of convenient call transactions via your favored clip-ons. Since the unit is also wall mountable, you don’t have to loose any space you can’t bear to. Assigning a wall to the KX TG8090E will do. Polyponic ringer tunes also induce caller recognition which is useful in quite a number of instances.

So, for cordless innovation that combines striking features into one well-ordered package, the KX TG8090E from Panasonic is certainly one formidable unit to look out for.

Ligo Electronics and Panasonic

Ligo is among the biggest suppliers of consumer level electronics online. Panasonic, on the other hand, is a brand name for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd. Of Japan (MEI), one of the top consumer electronics companies in the world. The company’s product base runs from audiovisual and information/communication equipment to home appliances as well as components. Safety, security and convenience are the three main attributes that its products have in full measure. Panasonic has since operated in a number of key geographic markets, establishing strong commercial presences around the world. It ranks as the 3rd on the Fortune 500 Electronics and Electrical Equipment Index.

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