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Prodigious Phones, Ponderous Bores?

Filed under: Cordless Phones
Jenny @ June 19, 2007 | 11:18 am

Not anymore. With the launch of the 525 Pink, cordless phone from Doro‘s queue of fashionable DECT units, having a digital telephone that is guaranteed to carry a host of practical and handy features in its tidy and compact build does not have to mean tolerating the countenance of a dreadful eyesore. So for those who value aesthetic pleasure as well as well made devices will be happy with this offering from the Swedish phone maker, Doro.

The cordless telephone is a unit designed to offer a striking contrast to all seeming rule and dominion of telephones that sport bland and passable looks. The pink shade is expected to provide an exciting accent in many rooms in the house. More often than not, it is merely that eclectic touch that most home areas need and require to finish off the kind of ambiance owners wish for them to portray.

Not only is this Doro phone a communication device that can handle an array of transactions, it also doubles as a fashionable addition to parts and portions of the home. For those professionals who want something spunkier than the traditional black or grey when it comes to their home spaces won’t have to look any further than the Doro 525 Pink. The eye catching tones assure any consumer that it definitely will not blend into the background the likes of other digital telephones that exhibit all the presence of a wallpaper.

For product details, batteries able to afford 100 hours standby with 10 hours of talk time are supplied to the handset. The range from the base is 300 meters outside and a respectable 50 meters while inside. The telephone packs six ring tones in its selection queue. It has features that include redial memory, caller ID, adjustable ear as well as ringer volume control, keypad lock for a stronger security and a pager capacity.

So for those who appreciate the merits of uniqueness and fun, funky style, this Doro cordless phone is the unit that one must get a hold of. Enjoy cordless phone communications in style. Choose function with character and elan. Opt for the Doro phone 525 Pink.

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