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Efficiency and Class in Siemen Gigasets I: Gigaset S645

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Jenny @ August 30, 2004 | 6:03 am

Far from degenerating into slabs of obsolete consumer product electronics, manufacturers of cordless phones like Siemens are churning out models that are breathtaking in the strength of their functionality alone. Cordless technology, as is apparent in the run of newly-released Siemens Gigasets in the market, seems to have developed in incredible leaps and bounds.

Helmed by such items as the Gigaset S645, one of the top units in the Siemens cordless phone line-up, these latest additions into the market are expected to successfully trump other units on two specific factors: form and function. After all, these units happen to be more than flashy lookers, they afford the sort of operational service that more than lives up to the fantastic designs they exhibit.

For instance, those who reserve a particular fondness for cordless phones that are able to provide indubitable assistance to multitasking professionals have the Gigaset S645 to settle on. With a built-in answering machine that you can manage with not a bit of difficulty—it can save voice messages in three different mailboxes so you no longer have to resign yourself to 20 or 30 minutes of aimless scrolling through the entire list of received messages simply to find out if you need to attend to one especially important phone call or not. With the S645, you no don’t have to waste precious seconds fumbling with the controls in order to find the message meant for you. You can operate the machine from either the base station or the handset—the latter is possible through voice commands.

Voice dialing function allows you to input numbers that you call at a constant basis. What’s more, the S645 from Siemens can make out the first thirty names you saved if they are spoken into the phone. The telephone directory is capable of handling the names as well as details of 200 contacts you may have. Furthermore, updating this list will no longer compel you to frustrated, unintelligible shrieks—you can simply hook up a data cable to a PC and find that you can update the directory as easily as any file in the computer. How’s that for utter expediency?

So for function as well comfort, not to mention style that fits the busy, hard-at-it professional, the Gigaset S645 is one solid deal you can avail of.

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